Showbox Apk Free Download For Android – PC – iPhone – Mac (2019)

Showbox app is a perfect option for people who are avid movie lovers. Unlike most of the other similar applications, this application does not charge a single cent on the name of the subscription fee, license or whatsoever. This free app is loaded with awesome movies and TV shows to watch, more being added continuously. Whether you are a music lover, TV Shows Addict or a Movie Buff, Showbox App has everything for you. Just launch the application and start streaming your favorite content. With this app installed on your phone you will never get bored again, this application is packed with awesome features so let us further discover them all.

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Showbox Apk is one of the best applications for streaming programs and movies on the market. This application has a large repertoire of programs and movies on demand such as Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and many more you can also watch many showbox movies, this is very popular Android application that works same as the Popcorn Time besides not only you can see them online but you can also download them. No doubt a great application that you will have available from your Smartphone and now in Windows.

Download Showbox

One of its main features is its content library, making it stand out from the rest of the applications as well as not being a paid application. Its interface is very easy to use so you’ll find your Game of Thrones chapters quickly and smoothly. You can choose the image quality according to the needs of your team.

Showbox Features

Showbox Apk, Showbox Free Download, Shobox Movies

100% FREE

No stupid popup ads, overlay advertisements or whatsoever.

No subscription fee or license charge, IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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Smooth User Interface

Properly coded, minimal bugs and regular updates.

Smooth and eye soothing user interface.

Showbox Apk, Showbox Free Download, Shobox Movies download

Awesome Features

A wide range of features and everything is free to use.

Quick filters and sorting to view contents uploaded in a particular

year or sorting it by most views, date of upload etc.

Showbox Apk, Showbox Free Download, Shobox Movies, showbox for android

Bookmarks and Categories

Bookmark feature makes sure that you don’t miss the movie you just discovered and want to watch later on.

Different categories assigned for movies, TV Shows to keep you away from any mess.

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Watch Full HD Movies

High Definition video streaming support, this app supports high-quality video buffering ranging from 360p to 1080p.

Also In-app subtitles availability for latest videos.

Showbox Apk, Showbox Free Download, Shobox Movies free download

Daily Recommendations

High-Quality Picture – No CamRips or poor prints everything which is listed on the app is of high quality.

Daily recommendations based on your in-app activity.

Other Awesome Features of Showbox App

The application can be installed on several Android devices

It is highly recommended that you use the Showbox application on your Android smartphone or tablet. These devices are very compatible with the application. You can also install the application on devices such as Amazon’s Kindle or even a BlackBerry phone, as long as they are powered by Android.

However, you must remember that the application is not available in the Google Play app store. This means that you will have to manually upload the application to your device. Do not worry because side loading is not that hard to do. You can read this awesome tutorial on how to download the application and install it on your device.

You have access to the latest movies

Thousands of users regularly download and share Showbox movies on Android devices. This means that the movies available in the application are continuously updated to the latest versions.

To find a movie, all you need to do is go to the search function of the application and write the name of the movie you want to watch or download. You can also save the titles to see them later. In short, Showbox is your personal movie theater on the go.

How to Download and Install ShowBox App

This application isn’t available on Google Play Store, however, you can directly download it by following below processes.

There are many manipulated and altered versions of Showbox APK lying on the internet which contains threats and malware. So, you should make sure that you download the APK file from a trusted source only. You can download the latest APK by searching on Google. However, in this process, you may land into some spam website and end-up downloading unsuitable file.

So, the best method to download it is to download it from our website. You can directly download showbox apk from here (this file is scanned and tested with antivirus definitions).

Showbox APK Installation

  1. Open the APK file which you just downloaded by following above process.
  2. Make sure that you have checked “unknown sources” in your phone’s settings>security.

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  1. Now follow the installation screen and wait for it to complete.
  2. Once the installation completes, tap on done and launch the application.
Note: Being your first time installing the application, it will load a lot of data after the first launch – wait for it to complete. If the application prompts for an update then choose “updated version” and now you are good to go.
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Showbox App for Pc/Laptop Download – Windows 7/8/8.1/10/10.1/XP

Many people do not have Android devices and those who do are usually willing to try the application on the PC. Well, downloading and installing the Showbox application on the PC is not a big problem. This is the procedure to download the Showbox application for PC.

  • Download and install the Bluestacks application player. Bluestacks is an Android emulator that allows its users to download and run Android games and applications on their PCs.
  • Now, download the Showbox App apk file from here.
  • Install the application by placing it in Bluestacks or adding it to the application directory.
  • Once, the application is finished installing. You can start it from the application drawer. You can read how to download and install Bluestacks on your pc to run your showbox movies app for pc.

Run showbox for pc without bluestacks – Our Much-loved Method!


Showbox App for Kodi Download – Showbox For Kodi

You may be using the ShowBox application on your Android device, but have you experienced Showbox in Kodi? Not yet? So, here is a simple guide to installing the Show Box add-on in your new Kodi software.

Watch the latest trailer, movies and TV shows from Kodi with the Showbox add-on.

What is Kodi? – Kodi is open source home theater software that is meant to entertain people with their multimedia content. Give life to your media with endless function, a beautiful interface and easy to use.

Actually, Kodi is free and open source software developed by the XBMC / Kodi Foundation. It is compatible with multiple operating system and hardware platforms that have a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls.

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What are the add-ones? – It is said that the add-ons are the packages that add features and functions to Kodi. Kodi’s add-ons will allow you to stream Internet content and much more. Play movies, videos, TV shows and programs using different third-party Kodi add-ons.

I guess now you feel comfortable with all those subjects. Let us begin.

By using ShowBox, you can stream the new movies and TV shows 2019 at the Kodi entertainment center. In general, Kodi and ShowBox work very well in the delivery of content.

 Moreover you can read here how to download and install showbox for kodi. 

How to use the Showbox application?

After installing the application, many users seem to be stuck when trying to use the application. They just have no idea how to start. Well, we have decided to intensify and help you here. However, a step-by-step procedure is not

necessary here. All you need to do is open the application and then you can explore different movies and TV shows.

There is also a search option available in the application that you can use to search your favorite video content by adding the keywords of the program or movie in question.

Can I install it on my Kindle Fire?

Yes! In fact, the installation process is almost identical to the Android installation process. – Showbox For Kindle Fire

  1. Download the latest Showbox apk for the kindle file.
  2. Navigate to Settings -> Devices and check the box to allow “applications from unknown sources”
  3. When the download is complete, open the .apk file and click Install.

Can I install it on Blackberry?

Yes! Blackberry also makes use of .apk files, so the installation process is almost identical to the Kindle and Android methods mentioned above.

Since the operating system for BlackBerry is based on Android, BlackBerry users can download and install the Show Box application on their phones. The tutorial will work for BlackBerry 10 phones, including Q5, Q10, Z10, Z30, 9982, 9983, Passport, Classic, Leap, Priv and newer phones with BlackBerry OS 10.2 or later.

  1. Navigate to: Settings -> Application manager -> Install applications and activate the option “Allow applications to be installed from other sources”.
  2. Download the latest version of Showbox Apk for Blackberry.
  3. Find the .apk file that you downloaded in step 2, open it, and click Install.

How can I stream movies with Chromecast?

  1. Download Allcast or Localcast from the Google Play store.
  2. Open your Showbox application and navigate to a movie / TV show you would like to launch.
  3. Click on the “Videos” tab and select “Personalize.”
  4. Then select Allcast or Localcast to start broadcasting!

In this post we discuss how you can download and install the Showbox application on various platforms such as Android, iOS and PC. We also cover some basic queries and aspects of the application. We hope you enjoyed the publication and watch for more informative articles and updates.

How To Download and Install Showbox Apk

Frequently asked questions (Frequently asked questions)

 Is using Showbox illegal? 

This question is one of the most frequently asked questions about the application. Well, the developers of the application have cited that the content comes from different video hosting websites, but that does not change the fact that it is protected by copyright. Anyway, it’s not a problem for viewers, although developers may have problems. But you can enjoy the application without worrying about the result.

 Is it safe to use Showbox? 

As we mentioned earlier, viewers will have no problems using the application. If such a situation exists, the developers of the applications should be blamed and not the viewers. Therefore, you can enjoy the application without problems, as it is quite safe to use. In a side note, some applications collect your data and request different permissions to gain access to your device and you may want to stay alert and abandon the installation of those applications. Although Showbox is safe since it is being used by a large number of people around the world who have not faced a single problem so far.

 How do I download movies? 

  1. Find a movie that you would like to download.
  2. Click on the “Videos” tab that is available in the application, play the movie and then you can select the Download option to download your desired movie.

 What is Showbox, what are the benefits of it? 

It is an entertainment application just like any other top rated movies/TV shows apps, the only main difference is – It’s absolutely free!

 What are the limitations of this App? 

There are no limitations of using this app, you can stream/download unlimited content, anytime and anywhere.

 Where are the Data Centers Located? 

This application based in Russia, its data center is managed and located in Russia.

 On Which Platform We Can Run the App? 

Currently, This App is officially only available for Android based operating Systems. However, we have successfully found several ways to run it on other platforms too – which you can find on our website.

 “Invalid APK” error prompts while installing the App? 

This is often reported by users who are running Showbox on their PC using emulators like Bluestacks. To solve this issue you may obtain the latest version of emulator from its official website and try installing the app again.

 Why are videos lagging when I try to play them in the App? 

Make sure that there is enough ram available while playing videos on the app. If it doesn’t work then clear the application cache or reinstall the application. This should be a temporary issue if it’s from the server side.

 What are the minimum specifications requirements to run this app? 

The App is very lite and well-coded application and it doesn’t require any major resources of your device. So, you can run it on any android device which is capable of streaming online videos.

 How to get the latest version of this app? 

You can regularly check our website for any updated version of Showbox APK. We continuously update our website with the latest version as soon as it hits the market.

 What are the alternatives of this app? 

The best alternatives apps are Movie HD, Megabox HD, Popcorn Time, Playbox HD, Crackle, Hulu, etc.

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